Christmas Crafts

For this weeks blog challenge, I decided to made snowflake crafts! I made two types: A square flake and a regular snowflake! For the square flake, I used a technique I learned in elementary school. You first fold your paper into a square. The size of the paper does not matter. Then, cut different designs into the paper. When you unfold it, you have a beautiful square-flake! For my regular snow flake, it’s a bit more tricky. I used this video to help me cut and create the snowflake. It took me a few tries because it isn’t that easy.
I also decorated my blog! I used the blue yellow color theme to represent the holiday of Hanukkah1 I am Jewish, so I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I love the colors and all the fun songs. My favorite holiday song has to be either “Let it Snow” or the Dreidel song!
I want to know, what’s your favorite holiday song? Comment down below your answer!


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